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Welcome to DRB Cooling Towers

Utilizing only proven design techniques and cooling tower components, DRB and its partner company, Industrial Cooling Solutions, design Cooling Towers to meet your specific requirements.

DRB and its partner companies combine their skills and resources to create a truly full service Cooling Tower company with the unique ability to provide our customers with Turnkey Engineering, Design and Supply of Cooling Towers and Complete Cooling Tower Islands.

We are able to provide your project with High Standard Cooling Tower Engineering and Systems Design.

We offer customers a choice of Field Erected Counterflow or Crossflow Towers to fit their individual projects and requirements, and we also offer Specialty Towers, such as Plume Abated Towers.

Also, you may visit our other websites at DRBIndustries.com and DRBRetrofit.com.

The Latest From the DRB Blog

Take Care of Your Cooling Tower and It Will Take Care of You

David Braumbaugh
September, 1 2011

One of the most important maintenance concerns at a Combined Cycle Power Plant and often the most neglected is the Cooling Tower. Operators ask all the time, “Why am I not getting the thermal efficiency that other plants do and what can I do to increase my performance?” This is always accompanied with the horror stories about how much fuel the plant is using because their heat rates are so high and how they have to shut down more than they like to replace critical components . . . click here to read more. . .