Cooling Tower Nozzles

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Target Nozzle
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Square Pattern Nozzle
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Dek-Spray Nozzle
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Crown Nozzle
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Quick Change Orifice Nozzle

Target Nozzles and Crown Nozzles are available for Cross-Flow Towers. Target Nozzles, which fit standard 1-5/8” deck holes, last longer and provide better water distribution at various flow and head. They deflect water flow vertically and laterally to provide maximum uniformity of water dispersion. Crown Nozzles, sized to fit 1-3/4” deck holes, eliminate the vortex spiral of water, creating a consistent diffusion pattern. The Crown Nozzles have lock-in tabs which allow for simple installation.

Square Pattern and Quick Change Orifice Nozzles are available for Counter-Flow Towers. Square Pattern Nozzles are designed to mirror the surface of the fill media in a uniform spray. This reduces water shedding on the sides and ends and provides ideal distribution over the fill. Quick Change Orifice Nozzles come with a diffusion plate which provides uniform dispersion of water. These nozzles have a large diameter opening to prevent silt build-up.

Brentwood’s Dek-Spray® Nozzle is also available. The Dek-Spray® is a nozzle system, with interchangeable Orifices and Turbulators, providing versatility that optimizes efficiency and water distribution in counter-flow cooling towers.